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Field and
Bar Events

From the fields of Glastonbury to backstage at Reading we know the how to build a kitchen on a green field site.


From crew catering, pop up bars, street food outlets and VIP lounges, our team are experienced in scaling volumes, streamlining productivity and working in wellies! 

Are you looking at a new project and need and experienced team on your hands? Look no further ! 

Image by Annie Spratt


Muddy fields, music and long days

We have worked the fields of Glastonbury (the big guns!) for the the last 11 years. We have become independent and intuitive caterers; offering a variety of meal options and bar packages. 

We have also been regular faces at: 

  • Lattitude 

  • Leeds

  • Reading

  • Secret Garden Party 

  • Big Chill

Marquee Events

Back gardens, farmer's fields or stately home annexes, we have worked them all.

We are well versed in building field kitchens in green field sites. We are happy to advise on kitchen marquees or supply gazebo structures ourselves depending on your menu requirements.  We stock bar units and lots of furniture options too in our warehouse. We really can bring it all.

Image by Mitchell Orr
Image by Louis Hansel

Bar Events 

From draught brewery deals to micro distillery bars

We are practiced in building and serving from temporary bar areas as well as setting up home in someone else's for the night. 

We can supply PDQ machines as well as cash purchasing facilities. 

Crew Catering

Boosting hard working staff is essential

Feeding the people that make events happen is often forgotten about. A well nourished, motivated and fuelled workforce performs better and therefore accelerates the success of your event. 

We will never forget you worker bees!

We have been creating beautiful food for hungry artists and crew from Latitude to Glastonbury, Leeds to Reading since 2010. Been there, cooked that, got the Goldfrapp t-shirt.


We’re proud to have offered the tastiest food made from the freshest ingredients to literally hundreds of artists and crew. It’s what we do best.

Our experience varies from smaller, intimate venues all the way to the largest festivals in the world, feeding the crew and artists at these events.

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