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Our Story

We have been around a while! And we can tell you quite a story, but what are the bits that make us special? 

Our team have all worked their way up through the food and beverage industry. Grafting long days, learning from their mistakes and making friends as they have gone along the way.

Former QE2 and Hilton Chef, Antony Horton -Tilley (Our MD) started Gusto in 2009 with a single mission - To improve the reputation of caterers. To be the honest guy in the industry. He set out to build his business by using his experience to bring a fresh, fun and relaxed approach to outdoor catering. 

Once he set his mind on being his own boss, Gusto mobilised fast! Gusto landed their first job at Glastonbury and set to work with all the adrenaline of being chanted out onto centre stage! 

"I found myself literally starting out and facing the fact that I suddenly had 7,000 meals to do and thinking I only had eight knives and forks. I had to upscale fast." 


Of course, it's the team's ability to plan and do that has seen Gusto evolve and succeed.  It's easy to forgot that not everyone thinks like us; our brains think in packing lists and utility routes! (Hence our 'logistical mastermind accolade')

We wear our experience on our sleeves alongside our hearts! Our honest approach has seen us walking hand in hand with local councils supporting them into new commercial enterprises and even mentoring new café owners. 


Today, Gusto is running three independent café businesses, an events and hospitality business and a 360 degree consultancy approach to food and beverage solutions.    

And yes, Antony is still buying knives and forks!  




Managing Director

With an extensive background in all aspects of the catering industry, Antony has both a commercial and technical appreciation of what is required to create and maintain a successful catering operation. Antony's greatest skill is in bringing the best out of the people around him, unlocking their potential and generating incredible results.




New Projects Consultant

Stephen writes for several trade journals, presents at Retail Consortiums in the UK and Europe and has featured on the BBC Business News as a leading food expert. He also judges both the Food Service Awards ‘The Cateys’ and The Quality Food Awards.

As a successful entrepreneur, Stephen has extensive experience within retail and food service operations on a global scale.




Operations Director 

With years of experience in event sales and operations, Amy brings a practical and thought out approach to how Gusto works. She is innovative, a great problem solver and passionate about what she does. 

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